Dec 3, 2015

MAMA 2015 (Mnet Asian Music Awards)

Today I'm going to recommend songs to you. I don't know if anyone who ends up reading this watched 2015 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) yesterday but I decided to pic three of my favorite songs/performances. If you don't know what mama is, it's music gala where the best of korean pop (and other asian musicians) get awarded.

I have seen all of the last four MAMAs and feel the need to mention this year being the most boring of them. But anyway here is the stages I loved:


First of all I love this song. The lyrics are me and singing the Loser part while driving car after bad day is good for my mental health. I get the feeling there is more people with similar problems like mine.

Beautiful lights always make my heart beat stop for moment. And not even the plainly ugly clothes couldn't take that feeling away. -However they may have used the same lights last year so I was able to recover quickly- Loser is the first song they perform but the other ones are also worth of watching.

Lightsaber - EXO

As big Star Wars fan the Lightsaber music video was disappointment. I have been waiting to see them perform with real lightsabers because there wasn't any in the mv. Finally I got what I wanted. The moment was short but good enough to make this one of the finest shows in MAMA 2015. (In the end of the video you can also see new song from EXO)

Trespass - Monsta X, Mansae - Seventeen

These two young and extremely talented boy groups debuted in the first part of this year. They had collaboration stage in MAMA and that's why they are the third performance I decided to recommend.

Both of their songs are good but you should see the rapping and dancing in the end. I'm never going to be that good at anything! And they are so young. The oldest ones of these two groups are born in 1992 -just three years older than me- and the youngest one in 1999 -how can four years younger than me do more with his life than I do??-

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