Dec 11, 2015

You're My Pet

Starting today once a week I'm going to have Review Friday -guess which day and what I'm going to post-. The reviews are going to be about anything I can think of. Mostly movies, dramas, books and music.

So I didn't know how to do these book, movie and other reviews. First there is the basic information, summary of the plot and character or place introductions -only if I haven't been lazy-. The last part of the official review is  "For Who?" segment where I tell who would like this thing.

After that I tell about my own thoughts without spoiling anything. I will probably talk how I ended up watching or reading the thing I'm speaking and maybe even reveal my imaginary crushes.

In the end is going to be the red zone where I talk about the ending and the major plot spoilers so you shouldn't read it if you haven't seen/read the thing! But don't worry I'm going to warn you just before I start revealing anything.


Type: Movie
Year: 2011
Country: South Korea
Time: 110 min
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Cute
Actors:  Kim Ha-Neul as Eun-Yi
Jang Keun-Suk as In-Ho

In this Manga based opposites attract romantic story independent and successful fashion magazine editor Eun-Yi -aka our female lead- lives quite normal lonely life. Everything changes after Eun-Yi's little brother makes her live with charismatic -deadly handsome, gorgeous and adorable- homeless dancer boy In-Ho.

After In-Ho's pleading not to throw him back to the street they come to the odd agreement. The boy can stay if he plays Eun-Yi's pet dog named Momo. Surprisingly, they get along better and better when time goes by. Well, at leastts until Eun-Yi's first love shows up and hiding the truth about Momo not being real dog seems to get harder. Especially when In-Ho doesn't like his "owners" new friend so much.

For Who?

Romantic comedy lovers
People who want to get addicted with Jang Keun-Suk (the handsome prince)
Good choose to watch in sleepovers (even better if it's close to Valentine's day)
Those who want to feel fluffy and cuddly from inside out

My opinion (no spoilers in here)

I have watched You're my Pet at least six times and probably more but I can't count anymore. I thought it would be the best choice for my first Review Friday. When people ask what are my favorite movies I never forget to mention this one.

For first glance it's just normal romantic comedy. However like usually you can't judge it by the looks. There's amazing music numbers and Keun-Suk's voice is dreamy -not even mentioning his dance skills- One example of these is "Hey girl" (just google it!)

After watching I can guarantee you want to get your own Momo. Though I myself don't still know if I want more to be Momo or get adorable Momo boy. I just adore the idea of someone taking care of me or me being loyal and loving like puppy towards someone. Who wouldn't like that?

Strong female leads make my day little bit better. Even if Eun-Yi sometimes drops to the silly-girl-between-handsome-guys cast, you can only sympathetic towards her situation -and scream when you think she makes wrong decisions-

------------------------THE RED ZONE STARTS------------------------
WARNING!! SPOILERS!!! Don't read the red text inside next button if you haven't seen the movie!

Okay so now to the section where I can talk freely without being scared of revealing too much. Let's go straight to the point... I hate the love triangles. You're my Pet basically is one big triangle full of annoying jealously. And still I love it. 

In my life there have been many times when I haven't felt normal teenager. While laughing to Momo's and his owner's hilarious romance for a moment I come silly giggling teen. Well my teen years are already over -twenty is still young!- but watching this movie makes me nostalgic. 

I hate the Eun-Yi's first love! Even if he doesn't do anything bad, just seeing him on the screen makes me boil from inside. And the boiling is bad thing. Team Momo 4ever^^ -or something like that?-

And finally the end's kiss is just perfect. I used to watch it (and the Hey girl dancing scene) when I had bad days -and I had bad day almost everyday. So...-

------------------------THE RED ZONE ENDS-----------------------

You can read now! No more spoilers here! Thank you for reading my blog and I'm sorry for the not so good content. I will try to get better at writing and make my style unique but interesting. I hope you enjoy my blog. :)

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